india and inflation

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I am not an economist. But I wonder whether black money, being outside the direct control or purview of government, increases the inflationary pressure on economy. In other words does black money reduce the amount of control the national agencies have to reign in inflation.
Have we crossed the critical-black-money-mass? Are we going into a runaway-meltdown?
I hate black-money, because I don’t have any :P.
At this rate how frequently do you think you’ll need a market equalization in salaries?

P.S: Motivation of inflationary index prediction of 13% towards year end makes me feel like WT*. Ya, I understand that its just a “prediction”, but current data is not so good either :(

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book recommendations

April 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Fooled by randomness and The black swan are interesting reads from the same author

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poetic links

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One link lead to another, lead to another and I ended up at a poetry listing. Now I want to read more of Cavafy

Here are some poems of his that I liked — interesting :)

Waiting for the Barbarians

Second Odyssey


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the point

March 7, 2010 Leave a comment

As I have read somewhere [wikiquote ?], long ago.

What you are saying would already have been said, what you are going to write would already have been written…. (or something to that effect)

In solidarity with all those me’s of the past, the nameless faceless me’s, I continue this persuit… writing this — trying to hack away at obscurity oblivion, though I may (ahh hope eternal) fail just like I did in the past, and just as propable as I failing in the future. A note hurriedly written, or a detailed journal — equally lost, equally forgotten.

Trying to leave my meames behind, oh vanity thy name is me.

This is to the me’s of the future…. let us keep the pretense that it all matters. For otherwise life would be just a waste of time.

Now that I speak about time… I hate the linearity of time the constant flow is so boring. As they say there is no information in the truly predictable, and time is the most predictable of all. I wish I could move all over time — that is what I like the most about fiction, the jarring jolts, in time — I wish I had a time machine.


February 14, 2010 1 comment

This made me think. We always categorize and compare — vestiges of survival. The known is good the unknown is bad.

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hike / …

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Everybody else seems to get it


Everyone has a friends’ friend who got it real good

I am taking about hikes (or am I :P). The similarity, with sex[pre-marital]  is comical :P.

Its always someone with degree of separation from you >1, who got a great hike. Never anyone you know of (including yourself). I should burn that damn grapewine, gets on my nerves.

Its’ fun reading status messages this time of the year, the mental-number-crunching-season.

My status message these days: “its all in the percentages…” :P

f-ed up

February 14, 2010 Leave a comment

I will be honest and * to you,

But just let me deceive myself

Just let me do my ostrich act

Just let me be a coward

This once and then once more

Because ….

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